up and running…

Ladies and gentlemen…

A couple things in the works.. First and foremost I will be moving to Hailstorm Tattoo (www.hailstormtattoo.com) in July 2016 to work with the talented Travis McGregor and Mark Hepburn. Doing so I will be parting with Way Cool Tattoos Kitchener after working there for 6 years.. I learned a lot there and am eternally grateful for everything they have bestowed upon me but there comes a time for change and mine is now.. So to Kristine, Gary, Jon and everyone else that had an impact on my time there, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help/kicking my ass into shape… .. .

In other news, I put up a bunch of work in the Tattoos and Artwork pages.. hope you enjoy!! Thank you for all your support and continued dedication.

Take care!
-Kyle D.

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